Saturday, May 05, 2007

What's The Story With These Guys?

So we have a blog now. Well, we sort of had one before, but we weren't using it as a blog. Not really. Instead, it was the repository for comments on our stories, which we post every two weeks on our website. Only that didn't really go so well, so now it's blog. Ta-daaa!!!!

So here's our story: we're two brothers, a nation apart (I live in Charlotte, NC, and brother JED lives in Seattle, WA) with a passion for the writing and a charitable urge to give it away with as little editing and as many typos as possible. I'm a mildly, mildly published SpecFic author, with aspirations of turning into a moderately published one. My secret identity is that of an attorney, mostly a criminal defense attorney (I represent people what done got arrested), working at a firm that gives Boston Legal a run for its money. JED, on the other hand, is a post-doc with a PhD in... well, something complicated. Let's just call it "Animal Behavior." In a few short months, JED will be traveling to Scotland, then spending 7 months in exile on the Tibetan plateau during winter. Yes, that's right, the Tibetan plateau, where he will learn to drink yak butter, run from killer mastiffs, make love to large rocks, and fight crime dressed as a giant bat. But I'll let him explain all that. Except for the rocks part... that bears no explanation.

The real purpose of this blog, and its parent website,
The Story Game, is to keep us writing. We have about 100 stories up on The Story Game website, and I encourage you to go read them. They're short, they're generally punchy, and very few of them, proportionately, suck. These aren't rejects, either-- all were written specifically for the Game. And we'll keep writing 'em, too, two stories (one from each of us) every two weeks. If that doesn't make you go w00t!, I don't know what will. Probably something that doesn't involve stories.

So here's my scheme for this blog, totally unapproved by JED as of now: We've been posting interesting things on the front page of our main website, but no one could ever talk back. So now we'll cross-post them here! What's more, we'll have some special posts on the craft of writing that hopefully will stir some conversation, and I foresee a high likelihood of vitriolic ranting in our future as well. So if you like stories, writing, or ranting (and who doesn't?), stay tuned, we've got plenty of all three on the way!

Oh, and by the way, we'll leave all the old stuff, our comments on our stories from the main site, kicking around here as well, so if you find an old post that doesn't make any sense, follow the link back to the story, read it, and all will come together, as if by magic. Enjoy!


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