Wednesday, August 09, 2006

JP's Pitch from a Fantasy Generator

Link to Original Story: Pitch From a Fantasy Generator - JP

My random pitch: “A heartbroken wizard and a sailor search for a legendary beast in this tale of pandemonium.”

The pitch immediately struck me as something out of Peter S. Beagle, which could have had something to do with the fact that we watched The Last Unicorn the week before. Though I have sailed a small boat before, I really don’t know anything nautical, so I looked up most of the terms; I’m sure I used them incorrectly. This is really more of a scene from a much longer story rather than a story unto itself, and maybe one day, I’ll write the finished piece. I’m very fond of the characters, and the role of magic.




This story whets my appetite. It sharpens my literary hunger. I want to know more about these characters, about their quest, about their past, and about their world. JP you tease.

I think he's right on the money with the Peter S. Beagle comparison. It's fantasy with an emo touch. Visceral but simple. Possibly metaphorical, possibly allegorical. Lovely.

As always JP does a great job with characters. One of the fellow's strongest strengths (urg) is his ability to concisely introduce a layered character, to get you feeling like you know them and you want to know more. He reveals it in their descriptions, in their plotted actions, in their dialogue. I think it's what gives many of his stories their feel of originality and authenticity. Here two characters who could have easily been stereotyped cardboard cutouts come across as entirely 3D. Nicely done.

His descriptions are equally vivid, and the hinted plotline is immediately engrossing. There's no resolution, and no real arc to it, but it definitely gives you the feeling that something intriguing is waiting in the wings. Maybe if we all yell loud enough he'll give us some more one day (or Tinkerbell will come back from the dead, or an angel will get it's wings or something like that).


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