Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some Updates

Just a short post with some updates; just got back from vacation and have some work to catch up on before I get back to our series of commandments.

First and definitely most important: my story "Elohim" is live at Ideomancer! W00tW00t! I'm very proud of this story, so please go check it out and let me know what you think. It's an almost Southern-fiction piece about two white con-artists in a poor African-American community in the 50's. Read it, enjoy it, give me any feedback you've got, positive or negative (preferably positive). This is the first story I've had published that was over a thousand words long, so I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Second announcement: NaSto is over and I failed. Total word count: 18,985 out of 25,000 goal. D'oh. Got distracted by the sweet siren song of Mass Effect, which has an awful lot to teach us about good storytelling, as the universe contained therein is as complex as any SF novel. But that will await another time. Back to NaSto: so I failed, but I learned a lot. I did complete one full story, and got two or three others well on their way, and it taught me the value of writing every day, which I really enjoyed. I am officially incorporating NaSto values into daily life, by giving myself a monthly writing goal each month of 10,000 words. This breaks down to about 350 words a day, which really isn't too hard to do, and since I don't actually have daily word goals, should be easy to accomplish with single sessions that end up being much longer. So far, I am above target for December to date, so I am optimistic. I'll keep you posted.

Let's see, seems like their should be a third announcement.... uhmm.... did I mention the story in Ideomancer? Yes? Well, go read it again. Yeah. In the meantime, I shall return shortly, hopefully very shortly, with my continued discussion of the Three Commandments of Short Story Writing.


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