Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cross-Post: Story Game Renaissance

Cross-posted from The Story Game.:

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes and then texting all its friends, The Story Game is Back, It's Bad, and It's now got it's own parallel blog. We're back on course, lads 'n lassies, and now we're better than ever.

JED and I have reached a compromise between my mercenary vision of actually doing this writing stuff for some variety of compensation, and his charitable urges to ensure the poorest among us have access to medium quality speculative fiction at the drop of an URL. And we think you're going to like it.

So here's the
new deal: We will be pitching as usual, but instead of every week, we will now be posting stories every other week, starting next weekend. At turn-in time ("catch time" if you will), we will each have to present a story, as usual. BUT, if one of us (let's face it: me) wants to keep the story and try to market it or something, we can, ON THE CONDITION that we replace it with another story of equal or lesser value and come here with hat in hand to explain to you, the reader, the reasons for our misdeeds. Also, JED has to finish his damn History of the Citadels pitch, because I dug those.

Simultaneously, we are revamping our old comments website (which no one was too thrilled about anyway) to be our NEW, IMPROVED (somehow) BLOG!!!! Now this won't be your normal ranty how-was-my-day blog, no sir. Instead, we'll try to focus more on posts about the craft of writing, writing reviews and criticism (I totally just made that part up off the top of my head), cool sources of writing info, and, occasionally, your normal ranty how-was-my-day blog stuff. We'll also cross-post these front-page blurbs from the main site, so that you, our 3-6 loyal readers (hi Mom!) can join in the conversatin'. We still haven't decided how often to update the blog (mainly because JED doesn't know we have one yet), but right now, we're shooting for a minimum of every other week, alternating with the release of stories on the main site. And of course, we will be posting there just any ole time we have something to say, as well.

So what does all this babble mean to you, the reader? It means you will get a bare-ass minimum of two (2) stories every two (2) weeks, which ain't bad. Most of these will be on the weekly pitch, but occasionally, you'll get a wild card to really vary things up. In the meantime, you'll get quality lit-crit, theory, reviews and ramblings from your favorite authors (us) over at our BLOG, where you can join in the coversation any time you please. All of this, PLUS you get the bonus story "History of the Citadel, Part 2" by JED, coming soon! Look for the next pitch "Looking Out the Window" to be posted next weekend, and the first blog post (which is really just an introduction) and the cross-post of these very words are up for comment on the blog right now!
Go check it out!


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