Friday, June 30, 2006

JP's Beekeeper

Link to Original Story: Beekeeper - JP

This is the first version of the piece, and most all of it was written in about an hour and a half before midnight on Saturday when it was due. Originally, it was intended to be a sort of scifi retelling of Edmund Fitzgerald, but I couldn’t get into the shipwreck story mood that was supposed to be the basis for the entire thing, so I just wrote to have something to turn in. At the last minute, I realized the piece could be something else entirely—a story within a story within a story. Thus, the story changed from being a simple shipwreck retold to being the narrator’s own writing about a fictional meeting with an old friend who has died. I’ve refined it a little and have a much better version, but since this is the copy that was turned in, I’ve placed the commentary on it.

JED says thusly:


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