Wednesday, July 26, 2006

JP's Festival

Link to Original Story: Festival - JP

This is a great example of how the Game leads up to write interesting things we might never right otherwise. Sure, this story doesn’t stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny, but it’s a fun piece to write, and hopefully a fun one to read quickly. Nothing novel about it, but I enjoyed taking on this style. I took inspiration from Borges’s “Death and the Compass,” a serious story that is actually chock full of weird meaning, in stark contrast to my own. The name Dread Scharlack is a nod to Borges’s villain, Red Scharlock.

I can't be certain, since I haven't read his comments yet, but I seem to remember that JP didn't like this story. Which, to be honest, I can understand. It's a little slow, and fairly blatant, with a theme that isn't the most original. But saying it isn't his best is still saying that it isn't HIS BEST. So it's still several notches above good. I enjoy the unusual, almost Holmsian setting, together with the interesting twist of complicity between hero and villain. Yes, it's been done, pointed out that the two need each other and that heroes need villains to keep on being heroes, publicity junkies that they are. But it's a nice spin on that, with a well played accent. Certainly, it's far from his best, but I still think it's a tasty little treat.


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