Friday, June 30, 2006

JP's Boo in a Paragraph

Link to Original Story: Boo in a Paragraph - JP

My girlfriend and I stayed up late one night watching an anthology series on AMC or something about the top 100 monster movie moments. It occurred to me, then, (with a little help from my muse) that the scariest part is the moment right before the monster leaps out, when the tension release has just happened and the boo moment is hanging in space just a second ahead, just a foot behind you. For an extra treat, read this immediately after reading JED’s. It’s eerie how well they go together.

To the point. Boogy boogy! It is VERY hard to encapsulate the essence of suprised fear in a single paragraph. It's hard to do it in a whole story. I think JP does a very good job at it by framing the mood and painting a visceral scene. You should feel the uncertainty, have questions about the nature of things. To me it should be more tactile than visual, helping your skin to crawl, just a little. And I think he's got his finger on the quickening of pulse.


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