Friday, June 30, 2006

JP's Superhero Origin

Link to Original Story: Superhero Origin - JP

JED points out that in areas, it’s difficult to tell whether the characters are saying what they would actually say or what tv and movies have told us they would say. That’s certainly true to an extent. I lived in a very poor, predominantly black neighborhood in Charleston for a year, and I’ve tried to base this on those experiences, but at times, the stereotype was difficult to escape. This story was definitely written at the last possible minute, and lacks editing. I have no idea how I would turn this character into a real superhero, but I look forward to trying.

I actually started writing a very different story for this pitch, but was only three paragraphs into it when I realized it was untenable, in part because the history of Scotland refused to conform itself to my ideas of what it ought to have been.

JED says thusly:


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