Friday, June 30, 2006

JED's Ghost Story

Link to Original Story: Ghost Story - JED

When I first wrote this story I was proud of it. Then for a while, I wasn't. Now I'm proud of it again. Go figure. I liked this story for two main reasons: visual imagery and possible interpretation of context. After reading and re-reading I think that the imagery may be a bit over the top in spots; too tightly packed without enough space for anything other than pretty pretty reflection. But I still think it's got some nice phrasing and paints a vivid picture. As for the multiplicity of interpretations, that may just be something I see because I wrote it, but I really like it anyway. See, as I figure it you could see this story as the reflections and fears of either a) a man who is destined to become a ghost (as the narrator explicitly states, b) a man who already is a ghost (not his detachment from real life and think 6 th Sense) or c) a man who is crazy and thinks he's going to be a ghost and in retreating from life has turned himself into a living ghost. Don't ask me, 'cause I don't know. A little of each maybe, or something else altogether. At any rate, I thought it was a somewhat original take on the pitch.

I read JED’s comments on my Poe story and my version of this story before writing this, and I must say, it’s eerie how well our thoughts track, even when we don't like each other. Perhaps especially then, even. You see, on the Poe story, we both had fun producing a product that the other thought could have been better, and on this one, we both disliked the other’s work initially, then had it grow on us with re-reading. When I first read JED’s Ghost Story, I honestly thought it was one of his worst. I thought the introductory descriptions were overdone, the pacing was a bit tedious, and the whole point was a little strange and confusing. On re-reading, I don’t see any of that (well, the point is still strange, but I appreciate it much more). What brought on this dramatic change of heart? I have no idea; maybe I was expecting something different out a ghost story, and wasn’t prepared. Who can say? I still think this is a strange story, and I would like to see more of a supernatural element to it, instead of just reflective brooding, but I’ve been converted—I’m now a fan of this one. It’s very… overcast.


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